This blog, rather than being on any particular subject is an amalgam of blog materials that I used to create separately on politics, technology and miscellaneous items of interest, proving that I have no interest in search engine optimization.

Contrary to what my profile says I am not an investment banker. I don't give professional advice here of any kind although I do occasionally reveal that my background is in the computer sciences, I have worked in the consulting industry both corporate and government, big organization and small.

I am not looking for a job. I do occasionally think about how I might grow my own food in preparation for the coming nuclear winter, global climate meltdown, global depression, biblical apocalypse. I am dissuaded by the thought that the type of world you have to be a survivalist to survive into might not be all that pleasant once you get there. My hope is that a better world will replace this one, but it is certainly beyond my power to navigate there on my own.

I enjoy living at the beach, for as long as that remains practical.