Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Ballmer: We need a $100 PC | Tech News on ZDNet

Ballmer: We need a $100 PC | Tech News on ZDNet: "One way to stem piracy is to offer consumers in emerging countries a low-cost PC, Ballmer said. 'There has to be...a $100 computer to go down-market in some of these countries. We have to engineer (PCs) to be lighter and cheaper,' he said."

Balmer has finally lost his mind!

But of course, he is right. We need a dirt cheap PC, and a dirt cheap, if not free operating system to run on it. The hardware is in fact available and is already in the right price range. So what's the hold up Bill and Steve?

Oh, I said "hold-up" I guess that's a clue.

No, first-world countries need not be subsidizing the third world. The OS and the hardware already exist. All that is needed to to get Windows out of the picture (pun intended), or for MS to start selling it for what it's still worth. $15 or so should do it, maybe $20.

Now stop whining and go fix those security holes!

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