Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Apple Store (U.S.) - MacBook Pro

"Mobile users will love the new power adapter featuring the MagSafe Connector — a magnetic DC plug that both ensures a tight connection and enables a clean break from the power port when there is undue tension. It prevents the MacBook Pro from being pulled off of a desk when the cord is accidentally tripped over, and it protects the power cord from wear and tear."

Nobody but a careless klutz would ever trip on their power cord and pull the laptop off a desk. Would they?

*whistles as I rock on my heels*

Well, this got my attention. Four times faster?! How can that be? Oh a dual processor and double the clock speed. Well there goes the Apple arguments that clock speed doesn't matter.

But I have to admit they got the price right (i.e. no increase over existing models). Or is it? I seem to remember my Powerbook (which works GREAT!) only started at $1500. Oh, but I got the 12 incher, which is no longer available. Nice trick Apple. Almost fooled me there for a bit. Even the press is saying the prices are the same, except of course, for those of us who would really rather have a smaller box.

My plan to get more or less the same capability is to get a dual core AMD chip in a laptop (these are already available by the way). That way I can be sure it will run Linux on day one. And, of course, the AMD machines start around a grand.

SEE!? Now the price comparisons are much easier. Why buy and Apple when I can get the same or better for less. I'm no longer confused by that old PowerPC mumbo-jumbo. Thanks Stevie!

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