Monday, April 16, 2007

Intel Mobile Internet Devices Coming at Internet Tablet Talk

Another carry-about Linux device. The more the merrier. Hopefully such devices with (relatively) open source OS and utilities at their core will proliferate blocking the sort of hegemony that Microsoft has on the desktop.

One thing that gets me about these futuristic scenarios though is that everyone is still rushing around in their cars, trying to do business when they should be focused on the road, not to mention the cartoon version of the road displayed on the device, err, AND listening to Beethoven! Are we repeating the error from last century of underestimating the need for face to face contact? Or over-estimating it: Why doesn't all this new technology save the need to make a trip at all (not to mention still relying on printed output)?

So, in the future, some of us will still have to put in 10 hour days at the office, being prepared to "print out those reports" while the high-powered executive/glorified sales-rep stays at home to get in his morning jog, miss traffic and program his 200-inch TV set. I can hardly wait!

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