Friday, May 14, 2010

‘YouCut’ Spending by 0.017% | Cato @ Liberty

‘YouCut’ Spending by 0.017% | Cato @ Liberty
But the GOP leadership make themselves look silly by offering such small cuts. The suggested cuts on the new website average just $638 million in annual savings, which is just 0.017 percent of total federal spending. Put another way, it is just $1 of cuts for every $5,800 of federal spending. The average YouCut savings idea is just 0.04 percent of this year’s federal deficit of $1.6 trillion. So we would need 2,500 cuts of this size to balance the budget.

I can't imagine that any of our elected representative could run a lemonade stand, except to right into the ground. They should be able to cut 17% (no decimal point or leading zeroes) without breaking a sweat. Businesses and state and local governments have to do this every day (although in the case of the government bodies they put it off longer than they should. Formula: When you run out of money, stop spending! DUH!


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