Tuesday, July 26, 2005

USA PATRIOT Act (H.R. 3162)

USA PATRIOT Act (H.R. 3162)
Handy non-PDF version, although I don't know how up to date it is. I got a kick out of this:


(a) REVIEW- The Secretary of State shall review how consular officers issue visas to determine if consular shopping is a problem.

(b) ACTIONS TO BE TAKEN- If the Secretary of State determines under subsection (a) that consular shopping is a problem, the Secretary shall take steps to address the problem and shall submit a report to Congress describing what action was taken. "

How many of us know people who would be aghast at the thought that our country would ban SHOPPING! (**)

Looking for items that have the left all up in arms I find it difficult to find all that many. Which is not to say there are not some.

If anyone wants to seriously debate the act, who not start with some specifics. Once debated, why not end with an amended act?

Of course if your aim is to Bash Bush, you don't have time for all this work. Easier to equate the entire act to "digging though our panty drawers".

(**) NB: Consulate shopping (or consular shopping) is the practice of making multiple attempts to obtain a visa to enter the US in the hopes that you will stumble upon a consulate or consular officer who is not doing their job properly. Nothing about the act changes anything happening over at the Department of State. This represents no more than a "goosing" of the DoS to focus on one of their existing activities with renewed enthusiasm. Much of the act in fact is along this same line.

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