Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Microsoft patching software hit by glitch; Company treats users like slaves.

"'If you synchronize your server after December 12, 2005, all previously approved updates may be unapproved,' Microsoft said in an article on the issue published on its support Web site published Wednesday."

Meanwhile in THIS blog entry Scoble says that someone who doesn't use RSS feeds the way he thinks they should be used is treating their users like slaves.

How someone who studied as a journalist could come up with such a goofy metaphor is a mystery, but it still has me laughing. So, I'm going to devote my normal four-posts-a-day-on-Microsoft-screwups to that theme...

If you can't count on the Microsoft patch system working, and considering the thousands of network admins this is going to screw-over and ruin their holiday, then Microsoft is treating them all like slaves. SLAVES I tell you!

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