Friday, April 28, 2006

Permanent SOLUTION for the WHINE issue.

Oh the discussions on Apple's "support" forums are heating up, along with those CPUs I guess:

UserA: Hey!! Delete these files and edit this system file and change some numbers and the whining stops!

UserB: Should we wait for Apple to come out with a fix?

UserC: Apple says that it is SUPPOSED to whine and is "within specs", so why would they fix it?

UserD: Well, the noise my laptop is making isn't within MY specs, if I can't get it to stop I'm selling the darned thing.

UserE: I tried it and it reduced my battery life by a third! This is no good!

UserA: Go away!

UserE: Well, after all the advantage of this new chip is longer battery life isn't it?

UserF: I tried it and it doesn't work.

UserA: You must have done something wrong.

UserC, D, G, H, I.... Well we tried it and it doesn't work for us either!

UserA: Oh.

UserX: Well I hope they can make WiFi work again, this thing is useless without wireless.

and so on.

This reminds me of course of discussions surrounding the flakiness of the iBook I got a few years ago. I finally gave up on it, although I loved the look and feel of the thing, often preferring to use it over faster machines with larger screens. I gave up waiting for Apple to do anything about it, along with a lot of other people. But I guess a few people took it to court or something, becuase last year they replaced the innards of my machine, and it has been fine ever since.

So, take heart you MacBook Pro users, in four or five years that thing will be humming like new. Maybe I could have worded that better.

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