Saturday, April 15, 2006

Scobleizer - Halfway through my blog vacation (change in comment policy)

It looks like the "Naked Conversation" has been told to put on a suit and tie...

"It was that moment that I decided to moderate my comments here. Yes, I am now approving every comment here. And I will delete any that don't add value to either my life or the lives of my readers."

Well, this may be the best thing for you personally, health-wise, and all that, but I think it will make your blog much less compelling. Although I often disagreed with what you said, I checked here often, both for the rousing debates, and the occasional interesting link. Many people, such as myself are not interested in a monologue, particularly from on-high at Microsoft, and there are lots of forums for us to express our point of view.

PS: I have a feeling they are making an exception in your case, but normally Second Life has a very strict policy about allowing children on the adult grid, or adults on the kids grid. There are some very good reasons for this, and I hope you will apply some common sense about it, even if the rules aren't being enforced in your case (and in my opinion there should be NO exceptions).

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