Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gartner predicts biggest change in PCs for a generation

Gartner research vice president Stephen Kleynhans said: "Vista is the largest and, potentially, the most disruptive change in operating system space since Windows 2000. Organisations will discover that Vista cannot be adopted without a careful examination of its impact..."

Dem guys smokin' some kinda pow'ful weed fer sure.

Um... so, sheep who have been on the Microsoft treadmill for all of their careers are going to suddenly hop off and buy Apple computers now? Wake me up early the day that starts OK?

Or maybe they think THIS is the year of Linux on the desktop. (Wasn't that 2003?)

Well, I'll settle for at least a few more people experimenting with alternatives. Further gains by Firefox would be a good start. This is my first posting using the pre-release Firefox 2.0 and my many spelling errors and typos are being underlined on the fly, with a right click to correct them right in the browser. No need to us the Blogger spell check (which I don't care for) or cut and paste from the KDE version of Notepad (Kedit) as I usually do.

A few organization may be tempted to try Open Office once they see the new "ribbon" interface that MS is forcing on them. I've tried OO 2.0 a bit and the built-in database capability is nice and unlike Access creates an actual relational database that can be offloaded to a server once it gets past the prototype stage. The real rebellion will be in other countries first, and as I've predicted for several years now, IT managers here will suffer embarrassment over their cluelessness of anything outside the MS coral. It couldn't happen to more deserving people.

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