Monday, October 16, 2006

Idiots or Pathological Liars?

We report, you decide:
(if short on time read the last one first)

October 11

October 13

October 16

Get this information to every Windows user you know who might have occasion to reinstall the OS.


  1. His is funny! :)

    It seems that Paul failed his English language class in primary school or simply put, is a twit. The transfer licence is in plain simple English. There is no restriction on how many time the retail version of the OS (Windows XP) can be transferred. If MS whats to change this with "Vista" then they can. Consumers can do their voting with their feet. Switch to Debian GNU/Linux. No such restriction. :)

  2. Yeah. That's what I use!

    It doesn't keep me from making a typo when I typed "octoer" instead of October" though (fixed).

    Now that I'm using the current version of Firefox though I spot a lot of my typos sooner since spell check is built in to any input field you use.

    I find that it is easier to convince Windows users to try Firefox than dumping the OS altogether.

    Next, get people using Google tools for basic activities like e-mail calendar and even simple documents. For more complex documents (once that situation becomes noticeably rare) a free program such as Open Office is ideal.

    At that point, any user who is not a gamer will conclude that there is little difference between using Windows and Linux.

    While they may have taken too long there is still a chance that this group:


    Will make further inroads toward eliminating monopoly hold on business desktops.