Wednesday, February 21, 2007

GameDaily BIZ: January Game Sales Explode; Wii Dominates

Looking at hardware, for the first time in a while, the DS didn't steal the show. That said, Nintendo still took the spotlight. The Wii sold around 436K units, easily beating the 360's 294K units and the PS3's 244K units. And the PS2 also continues to outperform the PS3; Sony's six-year-old system sold 299K units. Nintendo's DS still managed to sell another 239K units in January after selling like hotcakes in November and December. This beat out the PSP's 211K units. Trailing the pack were the GBA with 179K units and the GameCube with just 34K units.

I think I'll wait for the PS9. I wonder what MS will call their next model...YBox 720?

Really now, in a couple of years these game processors will be so powerful they can do everything in your house. Run the "TV", "Radio", flash recipes up in your kitchen, toggle the thermostat when you are sleeping, and store all your files, keep them backed up in multi-generation store.

Why would we need a PC? Just a keyboard and monitor for every member of the house or at least as many as you have simultaneous users, or one per room, whatever.

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