Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chavez and Venezuella's Road to Hell

In an address to the National Assembly, Chavez laid out 33 changes that he says would incorporate socialist ideology into the constitution that he pushed through in 2000, and redistribute power and resources to the poor and disadvantaged.

Chavez proposedadding one year to the current six-year presidential term and eliminating the two-term limit, allowing him and future presidents to run for reelection indefinitely. He rejected criticism that he was becoming increasingly autocratic.

"It's not that I want to enthrone myself," Chavez said. "This shouldn't surprise anyone. It's done this way in any number of countries.

Oh, some of us aren't surprised...

Most politicians operate on a near certainty, call it 99 and 44 one hundredths percent certainty, that their ideas will improve the lives of their fellow man. When their plans fail, they say they just need more time. When they continue to fail, they say they have been sabotaged. That is the nature of political discourse in most places of the world, people with good intentions, trying things, and then unable to just observe the results and make adjustments.

Every now and then someone comes along that operates from 100 percent certainty. Unable to even conceive of failure they will do anything, literally anything to achieve success, even to the point of abandoning their original good intentions.

Chavez shows every sign of being one of these 100 percenters. How pathetic that so many of our celebrities have gone there to publicly shove their heads up his ass. Years from now they will be apologizing, saying "what was I thinking?".

Maybe some of them will ask that question sooner.

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