Monday, August 13, 2007

Steve Gillmor’s GestureLab Tough Guy

From my response to yet another post about Gnomdex.

"I recently did a purge of my most prolific feeds and find that I am still finding most of the news I’m interested in from the old stand-by sources like Slashdot, WSJ, and some MSM that only produce 5-10 stories a day rather than hundreds (with lots of repetition and dupes of course)."

While Gillmor himself has friends that produce a lot of these prolific feeds that I've stopped reading, the great Gillmor speaks rarely, and usually has something interesting to say.

When it comes to the Scobles, Winers and Calecanises, I've discovered Valleywag is a lot more fun, and whenever another food fight breaks out, they are on top of it. They even have the essential news on which bloggers have turned comments on or off, are on hiatus, sabbatical, or a monastery. Let's see, what other feeds can I delete?

1 comment:

  1. Steve Gillmor is an idiot. He is so out of touch. I can't believe that valleywag hasn't found him yet.