Friday, December 21, 2007

One-Man Gridlock: Meet Tom Coburn, Senate's 'Dr. No' -

"Mr. Reid, calling Dr. Coburn's tactics 'unreasonable,' said when the Senate returns next year, he plans to combine a number of blocked bills and bring the package to a vote.

Dr. Coburn says he isn't to blame for slow progress. Democrats used too much floor time debating the Iraq war, he says, and tried to move too many bills on the fast track. He notes he didn't try to stop the spending bill, the only legislation Congress technically must pass in order to keep the government running."


  1. Sen. Coburn has worked hard to bring earmarks out in the open. He has earned my respect, more attention needs to be paid to our self-serving elected officials. Government at all levels are leading this country into bankruptcy.

  2. Agreed.

    My only question is whether it is too late to turn back gracefully.