Sunday, December 07, 2008

C-SPAN Replay of Obama on Meet the Press

Emphasis has changed from health care etc. to job creation initiatives. Still no specifics, just platitudes. I'm still trying to figure out how exactly we do a major re-work of the Interstate highway system. Just build more big roads from new points A to B? I can just picture the bribes flowing now.

Brokaw asks about the notion of having an "Automobile Czar". No straight answer. Asking the question again, Brokaw at least got this out of him:

"We don't want government to run companies, government doesn't do that very well."

So Obama gets a B+ in economic reality checking from me.

To get an A+ he should have added:

"Government doesn't do a very good job of running government. We need to set a level playing field and then get out of the way, letting the American economy work for us, instead of us trying to work against it."

The good news is that Obama is putting his "team" (he uses the word a lot) together now rather than waiting until mid-way through his first term as Clinton did. The bad news is that his "team" is mostly Clinton retreads. For anyone who thought that Clinton (and his team) were actually responsible for the good economy that Clinton was blessed with, you are about to get an education.

On Iraq, the obfuscation continues. Success in the war (after the "surge") is being falsely characterized as a move by Bush toward an Obama draw-down policy. Hilarious.

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