Friday, December 19, 2008

Field Guide: Paul Pelosi, Jr., the fresh green prince of San Francisco

Read about the new American Aristocracy at Valleywag:

"# InfoUSA is best known for peddling lists of seniors with gambling addictions and serious diseases like Alzheimer's or cancer to opportunistic telemarketers. Gupta resigned as InfoUSA's CEO in July 2008. Pelosi is not listed on the company's investor-relations website as an officer of the company.

# Which raises the question: What was a former investment banker doing working as a mortgage loan officer, anyway?

# Pelosi is currently working as an advisor to NASA on environmental issues, and he's joined the board of Blue Earth Solutions, a recycling outfit. So basically, he dabbles in a lot of green work, but isn't holding down anything resembling a full-time job at the moment, as far as we can tell."

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