Monday, December 14, 2009

Apropos of Everything

Our modern sense of entitlement is devouring us. From the largest institution down to the most inconsequential individuals we dream of someone or something bigger than ourselves to swoop down and provide us with a comfortable rest from our toil. We've done all these great things, trust us, and let us be.

At the individual level a check from Uncle Sam replaces the kids who stayed on the farm and tended to grandpa when he was too sick to walk behind the plow.

At the institutional level we now have entities that are "too big to fail", even when we can't quite place our finger on what it is they are doing for the rest of us that is of such great value.

Big companies, big unions, big media, big government. I have a nagging sensation that they all have something in common that is inherently evil. I wonder what it is.

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