Monday, May 22, 2006

And then there's Mactel

"Bottom line? Well Mactel has so far cost Apple control of its input costs, its product cycles, its software, and its hardware base. Nothing worse could happen, right?


Finally the punditry class is starting to get it. I've even noticed posters over at Macrumors have started doing their homework. Wall Street knows what's going down (pun intended).

I was toying with the idea of grabbing one of the Power Mac desktop systems before they stop selling them, or maybe even getting a refurbed unit. These systems are more than most people (including myself) really need even if you go with a two year old model. But then I thought "what if a fan or power supply goes bad two years hence. Will Apple be all that enthusiastic about tracking down a replacement part?" When Apple finally replaces these high-end systems this year (Right Steverino?) people are finally going to see what the "New Apple" really looks like: stock PCs with artsy fartsy covers.

Nope, I'll hold out for a Cell processor or maybe something running a REAL IBM PowerPC processor. And the fact that it isn't made by Apple will be an advantage not a disadvantage. Heck, even these look interesting, and for a third the price of the shiny Apple box.

Here is a related article on the poor security characteristics of I86 boxes, reminding me that the Apple Fanbase is still in denial regarding their increased exposure to malware now. But I'm sure they'll "get it" on that issue too, now that it's too late to complain.


Apple: QC? What is that?




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