Monday, May 15, 2006

Life After the Video Game Crash

"Luke's X-Wing approaches the surface of the Death Star.

'Red Five, begin your attack run.'

Luke swoops down into the trench. 'It'll be just like Beggar's Canyon ba-'

Turret laser bolts tear his X-Wing apart.

That's the exciting Star Wars finale, as played out on your home video game console. 'It's just like living a movie! A plotless ten-hour movie edited by Michael Bay's retarded brother and running on a skipping DVD player!'

It's unfair to compare any movie game to a movie because films are relying on an art form (drama) with a thousand years of popularity under its belt. You put sympathetic humans on screen and tell a well-paced, exciting story and we escape into their adventure. But the director controls how the story unfolds, controls what you see and, if he knows what he's doing, delivers it to an audience based on a centuries-old formula designed to engage the emotions. "

So that's why I never got interested in these game things!

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