Thursday, June 08, 2006

Download Windows Vista

No, I'm not actually recommending anyone do this, just pointing too Scoble's blog. I was going to post my own snide comments over there, but 50 other people already beat me to it. Is it just my imagination or is Microsoft losing mind-share like air rushing out of the airlock on the space station?

Before visiting Scoble's I read where MS has taken some PC to PC synching feature out now. Absolutely the last feature they are going too remove... they PROMISE. Unless something changes of course.

Someone remarked that if they were going to remove anything why didn't they remove DRM. At least that would make them popular with music fans. But I have a more realistic idea.... remove everything EXCEPT DRM! Windows Vista could become a super desktop iPod. It would play encrypted music files. And that's IT! All other uses of your PC could use new AJAX web features from Google.

Someone sent me an invitation too use Writely today. Too early to evaluate it, but its nice to have the whole "suite" of new Google products to tinker with. I'm looking through my archives for old Excel (and now Word) files to test-load. I never used most of the fancy features of either product but I have a few challenging documents out there.

And speaking of PC to PC synching, last night I installed the new Google Synch plugin to my Apple machine and one of my Linux boxes and for the first time in a long time had perfectly matching bookmarks, history, the works on both machines, automagically. I guess the synching that Vista dropped got picked up by Google eh?

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