Thursday, March 29, 2007

For want of a shoe, or time for a new rider?

"As a result - and as I posted here - I think MSFT should give the current team until year-end to show the beginning of a turnaround. Recent monthly stats provide some reason for optimism in that regard (the ongoing market share losses having been arrested, at least temporarily), and I have confidence in at least Berkowitz. But if they can't show progress by then, it's time to pull the plug and outsource the entire effort to YHOO in return for a % of the action."

Well "YHOO" would certainly love that. A marriage made in heaven, two companies losing mindshare hand over fist. Go for it!

With all the other good recommendations (dump Ballmer) in this blog I'm surprised at this one. Why doesn't Google and only Google have to be the enemy in online search and tools? Why does Linux and only Linux (what about BSD?) have to be the enemy in Open Source software? Why NOT do a deal with Google? Google desktop and Google Talk have done as much to prop up Windows as anything Yahoo has done in oh those many years. So what the draw to Yahoo other than Yahoo is needy right now? Their offerings are just as bloated and awful as are Microsoft's. I just don't get this one. But that means it will probably happen.

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