Thursday, March 15, 2007

Plame to tell her story before Congress

I'm not commenting on the story here so much as the technology used to produce it. You see the part I've bolded below? I was reading the article and was puzzled about what sort of "voting record" a former ambassador would have. Maybe they had a list of which Presidents he had voted for? Anyway, the link, which I also reproduced in my sample here, does indeed take you to the voting record of Joe Wilson, only it's not the same Joe Wilson mentioned in the article.

More and more it seems these automated link generators are providing more disinformation than information. I particularly dislike the ones that generate pop-ups over what you are trying to read if you accidentally hover your mouse in the wrong place. Common words in lower case take you to people who have those words as part of their name. Is anybody paying attention to all this sloppiness? I didn't think so.

"Although she's had little to say publicly, Plame has made more than a few splashy appearances with her husband, former Ambassador Joe Wilson (news, bio, voting record). Last month alone, the Wilsons attended a book party for Terry McAuliffe, the former Democratic Party chairman, and were spotted having lunch with actress Morgan Fairchild at the Four Seasons."

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