Monday, March 26, 2007

Yahoo/Gmail Non-Delivery Issues

Yahoo is quick to blame Gmail for non-delivery of messages originated at Yahoo Groups. Google claims to have fixed the problem a few days later. But comments from the (Yahoo) blog indicate that non-Gmail addresses aren't receiving these message either. So how could that be a Gmail problem?

Is Yahoo turning into the same type of FUD machine that Microsoft has always been? More and more these two companies look like a match made in heaven.

The responsible technical approach would of course be to give out details of what is actually going on (and sure, blame other vendors along the way if it makes you feel good).

So, why are non-Gmail accounts not receiving these messages?

But today I received a message from Yahoo, and the Group blog has part of at:

A Few Changes for More Productive Groups where they are taking away an iFrames feature that apparently a lot of group admins have gotten used to (and sounds like a lot of them are pissed). Not appearing in the blog, but in my e-mail pointer to it is also this compensating announcement:

Some of you are already aware of an improvement that became available last month, but it bears repeating.

- By popular demand we increased file and photo storage limits to 100 megs each. You told us that the old limits weren't enough, and we want to let you know we heard you loud and clear!

Yahoo is playing catch-up again as Google groups has had this amount of storage for months. This can only mean that Google groups will now offer 200 meg, or 500 or a gig (I can now store ALL of my crappy photos on Google for free with no artificial limitations that Flickr has).

Yahoo joins the long list of companies that need to fail to demonstrate that consumers are actually paying attention (no I'm not saying they are paying attention, simply that if they are, "me-too" efforts like this won't do).

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