Sunday, June 24, 2007

Groklaw - Goldman Sachs: Linux Will Dominate in the Corporate Data Center - and a Tip for Them

"Ask yourself a question: is Linux winning in the data center because of you? Was it you who saw five years ago it would happen? That it should? Or was it the geeks, the guys who wrote it and used it, who saw the value of the operating system and got it into all the places where they worked? Sometimes they had to sneak it in, because you were too dense to see its value, IIRC. See what I mean? When it comes to software, you can't get rid of the geeks and be successful. As Steve Ballmer told you, it's about developers. Developers, developers, developers. You are messing with the guys that can make you successful. How counterintuitive is that, if you want the Golden Goose to keep laying those Golden Eggs?"

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