Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Those Voices Again

"Q: Haven't you just issued a disclaimer which should keep anyone not determined to misunderstand from thinking that?

A: Fine. If IQ really correlates with the ability to flourish in an industrial society (and I'm quite prepared to believe that), then it is, as I said last time, a measurement of the ability to navigate paper-pushing bureaucracies — to learn to manipulate arbitrary abstract explicit rules, and to do so on command. Presuming that people who don't manage to pull off at least some minimum level of this make very unattractive mating partners, and so have below-average reproductive success, then those of us in developed countries have spent the last one or two centuries breeding for docility, in both senses of the word.

Q: You're saying that —

A: We have met our alien overlords, and they are us."

Sometimes I'm not even sure how I found one of these things.

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