Thursday, July 05, 2007

23 staffers call for removal of hurricane center chief

From the article:
"Opposition to National Hurricane Center director Bill Proenza grew to a full-blown mutiny late today when 23 staffers signed a petition calling for his ouster."

Now, restoring my faith in the public's common sense:

"Fire the the knuckleheads that signed the petition to fire this fine gentleman. Proenza has firm views on how his ship should be run and because he's not like every other crony before him, everyone is up in arms! He's probably calling out every public servant working under him in the weather center who is talking on their cell phone, playing online hold'em, taking 2 hour lunch, using public vehicles for personal use, etc. All these slacking public servants better watch out, because the public is AWARE of what you're supposed to be doing-so grab a weapon and stand guard. WE COUNT ON YOU AND PAY YOU GOOD MONEY FOR YOUR CUSHY JOBS!"

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