Friday, July 27, 2007

Facebook Bankruptcy

Calicanis turns off comments, and puts down Facebook.

Now if a lot more people did such things (particularly the well-known A-listers) the world (well the Internet anyway) would be a better place. Too many people (including myself) are spending too much time following each other around on the Internet while the world falls apart.

Now, the Internet (and all the high-tech gadgetry that goes with it) may play a part in making the world work better, but not if it is done to the exclusion of all else.

The world only needs a few bleeding edgers to evaluate everything that shows up and tell us which of those things might be useful to the rest of us. But these days there are too many people trying things, and writing about them and apparently loving ALL of them to be of any use. I've tried following behind, trying first one gadget after another and most of it is junk. I hope more people, especially the bleeding edgers (early adopters, whatever you want to call them) will raise their standards a notch, or ten. Stop telling us what you like, start telling us about the really great stuff you are using daily to actually get things done, not just to play with.

I used to tell people I only used computers for work, not to play games on. These days the two are hard to tell apart. If you are having too much fun at it, you are probably doing something wrong.

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