Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pajamas Media: World War IV with the Wrong Rosie

And the Bush Administration is at least in part responsible for this. I’m not saying they should have solicited the participation of Sontag or Mailer, although who knows what would have happened even with them? But the Administration had natural allies they never thought to enlist, because all of us – Democrat, Republican or Independent – are threatened by the rise of Islamofascism. They should have fought at every moment not to make this a partisan issue, because it is not. The very things the left wing of our Democratic party says they abhor – misogyny, homophobia, lack of religious freedom – are the very things Islamism represents and promotes. That should have been exploited and co-opted. We’re all in this together in the defense of the Enlightenment.

Comments on this are great EG:

The left knows how to deal with Podhoretz and his kind. Call them neocons. End of argument. They have closed their minds to reason and even discussion in their whorish pursuit of political advantage. The Rosies and smirking comics like Maher and other useful idiots will always be with us, given the corruption of the age. Even the next terrorism atrocity on our shores will only silence them for a time.

Please, tell me I'm wrong as I return to my original question, "How?". Can somebody still on this thread explain to me "How?". How can someone, anyone, even the President of the United States of America, get his thoughts communicated on a widespread basis if the G-D mainstream media refuses to print/broadcast (or twists and distorts) the message that is trying to be conveyed?

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