Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Google Online Security Blog: Are you using the latest web browser?

"The researchers' paper, entitled 'Understanding the Web Browser Threat', shows that as of June 2008, only 59.1% percent of Internet users worldwide use the latest major version of their preferred web browser. Firefox users are the most attentive: 92.2% of them surfed with Firefox 2, the latest major version before the recently released 3.0. Only 52.5% of Microsoft Internet Explorer users have updated to version 7, which is the most secure according to multiple publicly-cited Microsoft experts (among them Sandi Hardmeier). The study revealed that 637 million Internet users worldwide who use web browsers are either not running the latest version of their preferred browser or have not installed the latest patches. These users are vulnerable to exploitation due to their web browser's 'built-in' vulnerabilities and the lack of more recent security mechanisms such as improved phishing protection."

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