Thursday, November 20, 2008

Clean Energy 2030 - a knol by Jeffery Greenblatt

"The energy team at Google has been analyzing how we could greatly reduce fossil fuel use by 2030. Our proposal - 'Clean Energy 2030' - provides a potential path to weaning the U.S. off of coal and oil for electricity generation by 2030 (with some remaining use of natural gas as well as nuclear), and cutting oil use for cars by 44%."

I'm not sold on this carbon as devil concept, except in that cutting carbon cuts a lot of other what might be called "real pollution" along with it. If it can be done, AND save money, I'm all for it.

It remains to be seen whether we are saving ourselves from "global warming" while our world is actually entering another ice age. We may yet see a day where pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere becomes yet another government mandate.

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