Monday, November 17, 2008

Spitzer as Victim -

Suggested alternate title: The Audacity of Arrogant Asshats

"Spared a criminal charge, Mr. Spitzer is now re-emerging to offer advice on how to reregulate Wall Street and to assert that he was right all along about everything (save the call girls). The man who forced new management on Marsh & McLennan and AIG, to the great detriment of their shareholders, now points to AIG's failure as evidence of his success. But of course no one knows what would have happened to AIG had Mr. Spitzer not forced the company's board to fire Hank Greenberg as CEO on dubious grounds; what we do know is that the managers who replaced Mr. Greenberg three years ago, to the pleasure of Mr. Spitzer, had no idea what they were doing."

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