Wednesday, November 05, 2008

To the Future: Good Advice from Jeff Flake (Cato-at-liberty)

"In some respects, raising a new standard was made easier by yesterday’s rout. The Republican Party is not bound by election-year promises made by its presidential nominee. More important, the party is finally untethered from the ill-fitting and unworkable big-government conservatism that defined the Bush administration."

If, that is, we as a country don't become used to yet bigger government as we always have in the past. From higher property taxes, sales taxes that started as a penny and are now in some places looking like a second income tax, to taxes taken out so many places most of us can't keep track of them all.

I'm skeptical that there is any going back, simply because there have been so few times when we have gone back except in token ways. And the left still has so many new ideas for growing government that they'd like to try. There isn't much to stop them now.

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