Friday, February 03, 2006

IBM eServer BladeCenter Announcement

"IBM today announced the intention to form an industry community around BladeCenter� called, Companies that have expressed an interest in being founding members in the blade community include Brocade, Cisco, Citrix Systems, IBM, Intel Corporation, NetApp, Nortel, Novell and VMware. This community is planned to be a collaborative organization focused on accelerating the expansion of solutions for BladeCenter, a design co-developed by IBM and Intel�. This organization is aimed at spurring development and innovation around blade technology, will enable BladeCenter ecosystem partners to test and interoperate their products on BladeCenter. This will drive the development of this rapidly-growing community and innovations in Voice over IP, industry specific solutions, security and many other technologies."

Let's see... everyone but Apple on this list? Check. Confirming they want to grow up to be just like Microsoft and get out of that nasty dog-eat-dog hardware business. Next stop is for Apple to announce the phase-out of their server business so they can focus on more music gadgets and other "fun" stuff.

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