Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Light Blue Optics

Laser projection using computer-generated holograms (CGHs) represents a compelling alternative to conventional image projection. Video projectors based on this CGH technology are efficient and require only a very few components, which means they can be made very small - and the smaller the CGH, the bigger the image that results. So a tiny projector producing large images could, for the first time, be integrated into a laptop, a PDA, or even a mobile phone.

Every time I look at the type of projectors used for business presentations (aka Powerpoint slideshows) the thought goes through my head: "Why are these things so expensive, so hot, so prone to burnout etc., and why can't someone do this with lasers and non-moving parts."

Well, apparently others have had this thought. I hope it is for real. First target market of course is those Powerpoint shows. Carrying the projector around in your pocket could make everyone an instant presenter. Well, OK, there are downsides to this too.

But if rendered in color, doesn't this potentially replace those 900 inch TV screens I see in ever increasing numbers at Sam's club? Given enough resolution couldn't you replace an arbitrary sized LCD monitor with any plain white surface?

Seems to me this technology has very long legs, and the guy who invented it, if he has good lawyers, will be very rich indeed.

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