Friday, February 24, 2006

Sometimes Copying Google Isn't as Easy as it Looks

"live site issues has been encountering some issues as of late thursday for some of our users. the issues have been mainly concerning feeds and gadgets such as weather or stocks not rendering. you may have seen 'oops, we seem to be having a problem' a lot. we use everyday and definitely feel your pain.

we recently had an update to our services layer that caused some funkiness. we think we have addressed the problem, but if you're still encountering the issue please email us at '' or post a comment and we'll look into it asap."

And I still haven't figured out why they need,, and, all of which seem to be just clones of things elswhere on the net. I'll forgive technical ineptitude (which we've come to expect), but doesn't the marketing department know that a big part of brand loyalty is picking a name and sticking with it?

So far nothing web-based from Microsoft has gotten close to things I use at Yahoo, Google, and even lowely AOL. But I'll keep checking back... if I can keep the names straight.

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