Thursday, March 23, 2006

Apple's influence already felt at Intel | | CNET

"'That's really what's interesting about Apple, is they look at our technology in a very Apple way,' said Deborah Conrad, vice president and director of Team Apple at Intel, speaking to a group of CNET editors and reporters Thursday at Intel's Santa Clara campus. Conrad's team is helping Apple make the transition to Intel's chips, and meets often with their counterparts just down the road in Cupertino."

Dudes! (and Dudettes!): Stop smokin' that weed. It's bad for you!

Well, it DOES make sense that someone working for Apple would look at the world from Apple's perspective doesn't it? Maybe the two companies are "influencing" one another along the lines of "think small", as in smaller market share.

Of course the two companies two competitors AMD and Dell help them with that thinking too.

Apple will only find it harder to be price competitive now that they have signed on with the Intel half of Wintel. Cheaper Core-duo PCs are already available, and within a year people are going to be loving dual-core AMD laptops that run at lower power (and probably sell for even less). But hey... might as well milk that PR gravy train while you can.

In the mean time, at least one Apple insider seems to be unloading the stock as fast as she can. What a schweet deal! I wish I had tried out for law school. I hope all the California oceanfront property isn't gone yet.

Uhh, Update: And how did I miss THIS?

Oh well. I don't own any. I was just a sucker for their laptops for a while. Nevermore.

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