Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tevanian to leave Apple | CNET News.com

"Another longtime Apple executive, iPod division chief Jon Rubinstein, is slated to retire this month.

The departures come just as Apple celebrates its 30th anniversary, with the actual milestone occurring on Saturday. Tevanian helped to lead development of Apple's Mac OS X, which celebrated its fifth birthday last week."

I see signs this company is falling apart at the seams. Top execs selling off their stock as fast as they get in (to pay back taxes in Job's case!), top techs calling it quits. And what DO they do for an encore, now that they are just another Wintel box running (for now) just another (albeit spiffed up) version of Unix?

I just read that the parking lot is empty at Microsoft these nights too. While Apple never acheived the market penetration they longed for, they are in most respects no different from Microsoft now and may be joining the old guard of name recognition: companies that like IBM, may not go away any time soon, but which are not blazing a trail of new products either, having lost their compass for what is driving consumer demands these days.

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