Friday, July 28, 2006

Ballmer Tries to Offset Flak over Vista Ship Date

"In a talk about shareholder value at its annual financial analyst meeting at the campus here on July 27, and after the company's stock fell more than 2 percent or $0.50 to a market close of $23.87 on Vista shipping concerns, Ballmer stressed that Microsoft would never take as long to ship another version of Windows.

'Some of the things we work on will take a number of years, but we will never repeat what happened with Windows Vista again. We won't ever take five years to develop another version of Windows,' he said. "

I have an idea!

Schedule some minor releases, but with all the fanfare of a major release of course. Like the follow-on to Vista could be just to correct spelling errors, typos, and bad grammar in Windows error messages. They could code-name that Webster or something. Any ideas for what they would call the one after that, where they handle punctuation?

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