Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Future of Windows Live Spaces

I guess it's morphing into some freaky version of tick-tack-toe, with lines instead of Xs...

Well, my old page won't be missed. It's RSS (totally automated al-la Microsoft) doesn't work most of the time, it's slow to load, or doesn't load. And the update-via-email function works every once in a while.

To hear their bloggers talk they are really doing a whiz-bang job getting into this Web 2.0 space. Could have fooled me. But their AJAXified webmail actually works for me now. It works much better than Yahoo's, from whom I'm still waiting for a beta ID. The fact that I got my ID before they were even a company doesn't carry any weight I guess. Or maybe it is the almost certainty that I'll give them a lousy review. That must be it. The influence I have with my three point five regular readers has them quaking in their boots. You're dead meat Yahoo! And MS? they are history too. I'm circles, you lose!

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