Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What's in Store : Update to the Update (on WinFS)

"Failure happens every day. Nobody's perfect. But when you fail, don't tell customers that failure is what they wanted. Don't tell them that they're not getting a 'pillar' but that the missing pillar won't impact the product. Don't fill your excuses with marketing euphemisms about 'ship vehicles' and 'packaging stragies' and happy-ass nonsense about the 'vision' being 'alive.' Don't tell your customers that it was 'really coming together well' in one breath and 'it's not going to ship' in the next. Don't tell your customers it won't impact Vista, then claim you can't talk about future products because you're not done with Vista.

Is it really a good idea to treat your customers like idiots? I would have thought the answer to that question was 'no big mystery' either. "

I think Microsoft has been treating its customers like idiots for a long time now. In fact... well, if I can't say something nice I guess I shouldn't say anything at all.

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