Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dead 2.0: Why Do I Blog?

"So - Do I care about readership numbers? I enjoy them, but don’t focus on them. I like the compliments I receive (and don’t mind the flames either), and I like to hear that others like what I write. I enjoy the fact that I appear to be causing intelligent discussion on the topic. That is truly meaningful to me.

To summarize: I’m an egotistical bastard who, like everyone else, writes a crappy blog but usually finds it fun to do and enjoys the occasional link from the outside world.

But that’s me."

Ditto. Me too.

I also read the Carr blog that prompted this, and have a few things to say about it.

My blog is, loosely, about technology. Nothing so specific as Web 2.0, and maybe that is a mistake. But my original "blog" written before the term was invented, was about everything, and I finally decided that was too much stuff for one place. This is the blog I'm most comfortable making daily (or almost daily) contributions to. Some days I don't have much to say, but today is an exception, so the next few posts (in rare chronological order) will cover: (1) a nice experience with the electric company, (2) a bad experience with online media, (3) some dubious mainstream journalism, and (4) my response to Carr's blog.

Oh, and (5) a real world weather report, and (6) a Second Life weather report.

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