Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Global Warming, None Like it Hot

Once and for all!

Some other small items:

The heat, I can stand. I grew up in FLORIDA!

And while it is hotter here than it is in Florida at the moment, I've seen hotter days. And the humidity? Meh, I went out today without an artificial breathing device thank you very much.

Yesterday I went out too. Out to my air conditioned car. From my air conditioned car to the air conditioned Walmart. (Don't make faces, it's the only store in town.)

Growing up in Florida we didn't HAVE air conditioners. We simply dried up like raisins during the summer and went into hibernation. Late August rains re-hydrated us back to life. In Chicago they are talking about the government GIVING away air conditioners. I can hardly wait 'till that notion comes to my town. Can I get cheese with that?

Did you know they have portable CD players for $9 these days? And not just some no-name brand either these were Durabrand players. OK, I never heard of them either. Nor did I want one. Who needs a CD player any more? Um I guess that's why they were $9.

Back to the beach, it's not the heat driving people off the beach early, it's the flies. Stinging flies. By the time I had walked over to the hot-dog stand (which was my ONLY reason for wanting to go out there today) I had a half a dozen on me. Only I didn't know it until they had drilled their little drill bits through my old dry skin. I'm stayin' in and scratching 'till the next thunderstorm. Tomorrow I hope.

On technology: AOL is now free (I already had a free AIM ID and as far as I can tell that gets me to the same goodies without having to give them my name and address and phone number. Or maybe I just lied about those things). Microsoft has made their free web pages almost usable today. I have a little test page over there and it now looks almost as beautiful as this one. The downside is I think their servers are unable to cope with all the people tinkering. I've been getting those funny useless standard IIS error pages all day. Big companies stumbling all over themselves to give us things. Does any one else sense the imminent arrival of dot-com-crash 2.0? I do, and it will be none too soon.

Scoble either advertently (opposite of inadvertently) or not keeps bad-mouthing his former employer. Seems he doesn't think there are any "bit-heads" working there any more. Quite believable too. Which is why I wish they would just leave the OS stuff to Linus Torvalds and friends and concentrate on user-friendly word processors and spreadsheets. On the other hand those might be selling for $9 at Walmart one day soon too. My Walmart still has plenty of XBox 360s by the way. I can't decide whether buying one would prove that I hate Microsoft, or the other way around. Does Linux run on them yet?

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