Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Apple - Mac OS X Leopard - Features - 300 New Features!!1!OMG!

Since I got my first Apple computer (I'm now on my second, (well, not RIGHT now, as right now I'm on my Linux computer that I use most of them time) which is a laptop that I use, whenever I use a laptop) I've always been as interested as any fanbois in the latest version of the Apple OS. I even went so far for the last version of the OS as to buy a FIVE users license for my TWO computers, because there isn't a TWO user license, or a THREE or FOUR user license, but in buying a FIVE user license I saved something like 75 cents over the cost of two ONE user licenses. So it was a no-brainer. I think.

Somehow though, I can't get all worked up over this one. My lesser laptop is exhibiting the click of death syndrome again, as this model is incapable of lasting more than about two years without total internal replacement. Something that fills me with confidence regarding the superiority of the Apple "design" process (which at this point consists of picking one from column A and two from column B). Maybe I should check to see if there has been another recall.

Anyway, my newer Powerbook, which has been FLAWLESS, just runs fine on the current version, whatever it's called. And aren't they about getting to the point where they won't support the PowerPC any longer (in spite of promises, promises that they always would?)

So, what might I get excited about among these 300 new features in an operating system that is already light years ahead of Windows (you know, the OS that can't even copy files?)

Several new Apple script features... uh I've actually written more bash shell programs on my Apple computer than Apple script. So, don't use it, don't need it.

Automator... same as above.

Boot Camp. Can't run Windows on a Powerbook, not with Bootcamp anyway, even if I wanted to.

Dashboard... oh those widget things. Never liked them. Tried a bunch of them too. They are either in the background doing things that don't need to be done in the background, and using up resources. Or you bring them to the foreground and lose control of the applications you are using. Isn't this what tiled windows were supposed to prevent? I don't get it.

Dashcode... uh, yeah. Don't call me, I'll call you.

Desktop... A new look. Now we are getting somewhere. But... can I set my own background color yet? Or do I have to pick one of the standard ones still? Oh, I know you can save a JPG consisting only of a color in a secret folder somewhere, the the silliness of this only makes it more aggravating. Somehow I have a feeling that the N-th generation of desktop-look designers at Apple aren't the sort of person I'd have designing my living room. Main thing Apple need to do with the desktop, beside providing a half dozen standard ones, is get out of the way and let users set it up how they like.

Then there are 3 items under desktop about stacks. I think you can finally do your desktop like Linux (KDE for example) and have multiple of them going at once. Like any commercial vendor, Apple has to invent new terminology (and probably a patent to go with it) for something that has already been done. Yawn.

Still under Desktop, something about ".Mac" that I'm too lazy to read. And "Spring loaded dock" which sounds like the way it already works to me. Dictionary, I'm getting sleepy, sleeeeeepy.

zzzzzzzzzzzzz... huh, where, uh, oh, dozed off there. Well lets skip ahead a bit...

DVD player... Finder... yada yada, oh...

Printable Font Book... now there is a winner, I've been looking for ways to quickly empty out those toner and ink cartridges so I'd have an excuse to trot down to Staples, I think this will do it! Maybe I'll get a three ring binder while I'm down there and print out ALL the fonts, even those funny fereign ones. Maybe I better get TWO toner cartridges wile I'm there.

Front Row, Apple TV, (thinking of all the money I blew on MR. Monk episodes that I can only watch in a tiny window on my laptop). I'm clutching at my back pants pocket to make sure my wallet is still there. It is. Whew.

Graphics and Media... Core animation, Core Image filters, Multicore Enhanced. hey, didn't they get rid of core memory with the mainframes. I'll stick with those new SIM things. Thanks.

iCal... Don't use it. Use Google instead.

iChat.... also don't use, but will all the features they list it sounds like they must have hired the ICQ team away from AOL. wonder if anyone who is not an Apple employee actually cares about this stuff?

Imagin... you can now control your "tethered camera" directly. Party like its 1999 while you're at it.

Instruments... I have NO IDEA what they are talking about.

International... uh. Don't need.

Mail... don't use.

Networking... got that already.

OK, about here is where they are really trying to add heft, i.e. another pound to the term paper. Minor updates to terminal, text edit, all over the head of the average user, and more frustration for the bithead who would rather they really open up the OS and get back with the whole contribute back to the community mythology.

Nope, nope, NOPE. Nothing here to get excited about. And by not upgrading, I get a whole 'nother year or so of crash-less operation.

I think I'll just wait.

Maybe until I get my next laptop. Which probably won't be an Apple.

PS: 1000th Post!

or therabouts.

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