Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Can Google-Powered Phones Connect With Carriers? - WSJ.com

And as usual Microsoft respondents are FOS, and short on imagination:

"Microsoft executives question what impact Google will have. 'The idea that there are all these things software developers can't do -- it's just not true,' said John O'Rourke, general manager of Microsoft's Windows Mobile unit said. 'It's hard to imagine what huge breakthroughs [Google] is going to have.'"

My Sprint "powered" phone allows me to access the Internet "without limits", except that only applications that Sprint approves of can make use of location data within the phone. When I use the provided utility to look for application for the phone I only see applications from Sprint or "affiliates" and the applications either cost money, or operate in some sort of "trial" mode. I'm free, of course to download Google applications that do as much or more, but, oh what is this? The pop-up that allows applications to access cell phone location data is grayed out for Google maps. Fancy that.

For someone working at Microsoft though, limiting options available to your competitors is as unnoticeable as the air we breath. As wispy thin as the atmosphere of "innovation" within the company. Nope, I'm sure you can't imagine what huge breakthroughs they might have, I think that's been demonstrated already.

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