Monday, March 24, 2008 Brad DeLong on trade and wages

"Berkeley econ professor -- and non-conservative"

Doesn't that fall into the category of tautology?

Anyway, the rest of the article is more hand wringing about China vs the US economy, displaying the typical cornerstone of liberal thought that it is either them or us. Either the Chinese or the western world, either the rich or the poor, either the east coast or the west cost. Winner and losers, and we of big heart all want to do our part to save the losers, even, heaven-forbid, if they are us!

Of course I'm not all that optimistic either, but it has more to do with the kids we are raising than our past business practices or trade regulations.

Original page where Brad Delongs readers tell him that everything he said was wrong.

This guy worked for the White House? I was almost afraid to look and see which one. Please, not eight more years of that!

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