Thursday, May 08, 2008

Official Google Docs Blog: Google Docs in burning marshmallows

"I'll make this quick, but I have to share. The Google Docs team recently returned from a team-building offsite at Seascape Resort just south of Santa Cruz, CA (hint: many very cool things coming!). After a long day of hiking, eating and thinking big about the future of Docs, we gathered around fire pits on the beach -- drinking hot cocoa, making s'mores, and enjoying the full moon. Ben Margolin, one of our tech. leads, took these photos: Google Docs spelled with burning marshmallows! (For the record, the circle at the end of 'Docs' is an artistic rendition of a trademark symbol :)"

This group sounds too wholesome for our times.

But maybe that's why they are getting things done.

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