Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The John Batchelor Show :: The Last Days of the Republicans, Part 10

"I feel sorry for him sometimes," confided a senior Republican House member about President Obama. "He invited us over to the White House to explain to us how the stimulus plan is working, and how the budget is going to work, and he spoke to us a couple of times. He doesn't act like he knows what's going on with the economy. He's so afraid of confrontation, when you challenge him, he backs off, like he doesn't know the right answer. Who does? That's why you kinda feel sorry for him. Not his guys, they don't act like they know. Do they notice the stock market sinking? Who doesn't? There's this sense of disarray. The administration is made up of a lot of Number twos. The only one with any gravitas is [David] Axelrod. Geithner? He looks like he's 12-years-old, or a grad student. The president is like a perfect vice president. That's what the big speech was like. A vice president was talking."


  1. I saw your comment on MediaMemo on "GWB the first" coming across a supermarket scanner for the first time. Except that like the chain emails you get that keep getting forwarded over and over this is also not true:

  2. Thanks. I'm not sure if I knew this once and forgot it or never got the facts right in the first place. It sure was popular among the Bush bashers.

    I'll stand by my general assessment of McCain and the typical media talking heads though. This time around we had two (make that several) bad candidates and a very corrupt and apathetic media. In the end Mr. Congeniality won.