Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Should you protect your OS X Mac against viruses?

"But in every other way OS X Macintoshes are much safer than Windows computers. Maybe it's time Symantec recognized that. My guess is that Symantec's virus-catching software for Macs actually blocks Windows viruses instead, so that Macs don't pass them on in forwarded e-mail.
What kind of penalty is that? You go out of your way to choose a safe computer and end up paying to keep your neighbor's Dell out of trouble? I don't like that at all.
How do you feel about it? Let me know. Should you and your Mac be penalized because Microsoft can't make Windows safe? Drop me a note at "

I tried the free anti-virus program that comes with .Mac membership for about two days. It was too bloated and cumberson for me to tolerate for longer than that, particularly after I found out that there are no viruses for the Apple/OS X combo. I AM behind a firewall, and I don't click on things without having a pretty good idea what they are going to do. If somehow my machine is involved in some Windows machine somewhere becoming infected I'll feel bad, but not bad enough to run a bloated Windows-like virus scanner taking half my memory and almost as much CPU time. I do my duty to warn Windows using people that they are at risk and will always be so. That they do nothing about it should give THEM trouble sleeping, not me.

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