Wednesday, May 09, 2007

» Using Google to replace Sharepoint, LimitNone’s gShare bridges MS-Office/Google Apps divide | Berlind’s Testbed |

"But if you're really looking for frictionless, look no further than Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets. As I've written before, compared to what's there in the mainstream now, Google Docs and Spreadsheets is like pure collaborative oxygen. I need no local software. No specific operating system. No system administrators. For you to begin collaborating with someone else, all you need is a browser. Google takes care of the rest to the point that when you make a change to a document, that change simply shows up seconds later on anybody else's screen (anybody else who currently has the document open). We could argue about whether the process of checking documents in and checking them out makes more sense in terms of avoiding conflicting changes. But I think that's secondary to the friction that Google has removed from both the end user experience as well as the implementation part."

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